DFRPG: Apocalyptic NYC

Session 1 Recap

A brief synopsis of what happened so I/we don’t forget. If anyone else wants to take up this task, I would happily leave off.

Our characters started at a warehouse after-party hosted by Cy Vyong. A mysterious stranger approached Scott Timore (accent on the e) about helping him with a new Haunted House venture in midtown NYC — Scott agreed.

The party was broken up by 2 uzi wielding dark clad figures and 2 mangy beasts. The party later confirmed that these were in fact renfields and dark hounds. The dark hounds were chased off, while the 2 renfields were captured, one was released, one was killed.

Cy asked the party to help find a safer place for her and those she protects to retreat to in the case of further Black Court growth and incursion. Specifically, she’s looking for somewhere witha strong threshold that she and hers can fall back to. She needs a place and a way to get there.

The party went just a few stops north on the Q to Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Complex. They found and talked with the pastor who was welcoming and was happy to open up the gymnasium as the complex was used to housing refugees from Sandy and had cots etc available.

I’m a little vague on what all happened here, but someone snuck into the pastors quarters and found a bronze old-fashioned key similar to that found on the 2 renfields.

At this point the party split up. Scott and Walker followed the pastor down into a sewer/underground system beneath the church, then an hour plus away, the pastor went up a trap door. Scott stayed outside waiting. Walker rode in on the Pastor’s coat-tails. Then stayed when the pastor left. Scott followed the pastor back to the church(?).

Zack went to see his former teacher and confirmed the identity of the renfields etc. Mrs Delores Fitzbottom(?) suggested he take the key to Janus as he might know more about it.

Meanwhile, Comfort went to see Tillinghast on her ‘day off’. He ranted as always, but certainly went on about something happening to the current yankee stadium to cause the old yankee stadium to be rebuilt/used. He is in league with some mysterious group that he’s helping out somehow.

Zack and Comfort meet up to go see Janus. Janus doesn’t recognize the key but provides some information when Zack agrees to give Janus the key. Janus tells them that it is a typical peons special access key from Eastern Europe.


Xerek Xerek

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