DFRPG: Apocalyptic NYC

Session 2 recap

I’m typing this from my phone, so let’s see how long this is – not to mention what I remember.

We started with walker in a trap of his own making. He found himself alone in a room with the mysterious stranger that met with the pastor. The stranger casually picked up a book case to block the “door” upstairs then told the emptiness that he knew someone was there. Walker flitted through the cracks and explored the house. He found himself in a mini mansion. Eventually the stranger cam uostairs looking for him. Walker found the place unlived in though did find several locked doors that he couldn’t get past. He went back to the basement and found an old book that gave him the vibe of the unholy bible. Walker had to move a desk the stranger put over the trap door which alerted the stranger. Walker fled passing off the book to Scott.

There was a bunch of story fluff that I don’t fully remember.

Everyone woke up the next day to find that a small bomb had gone off in Yankee stadium. The police were on it though the team checked things out sneaking into the site. They found out that comforts old gang was the culprit. They staked out the gangs old spot but didn’t find them. A few days later once the police left. The team staked out Yankee stadium and noticed two vans pull in. One pulled around to the other side of the building, both pulling up to service entrances. The close entrance had a ghoul, the leader of the memo gang, and 4 flunkies. Two were required to lug the heavy bomb around. The other side had a ghoul and 2-3 flunkies. The team had an epic battle stopping them. Walker called the cops. Comfort drove away with a bomb in one van, driving the car into the river right before it blew. Walker jumped in front of a police car to ensure comfort got away with the bomb. Scott drug the other bomb into the showers in the locker rooms after playing looney toons with way more powerful people than he should have dealt with alone. The cops showed up and the showers successfully broke the other bomb so it didn’t go off.


Xerek Xerek

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