DFRPG: Apocalyptic NYC

Session 4 Recap

I should have put this up before now but lifes been crazy.

Wizard was still incommunicado :) School sucks.

Our merry band ventured to the dregs of Staten Island and found the Ghouls. The fought The Ghoul leader and two ‘henchmen’. They weren’t your standard henchmen because they took some hits before going down.

Namely, those hits were by a crane swnging cars through the air. The band actually subdued all 3 ghouls and forced/convinced the leader to confess to hiring the Neko girls.

Walker and Comfort both got pretty beat up, but did manage to score a clunker to drive home. Scott kept out of the fray operating the crane most of the time.

Scott was released after Jong Hee confessed to hiring the Neko Girls and the Commissioner might be under scrutiny for letting the guilty party go when originally captured.


Xerek Xerek

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