Sally Doe


Template: Sorcerer


High Concept: Science Geek Identity Crisis
Trouble Aspect: Hazardously Inquisitive

Superb: Discipline
Great: Conviction, Lore
Good: Craftmanship, Scholarship
Fair: Alertness, Endurance
Average: Athletics, Presence

-3 Evocation (Spirit, Earth, Fire)
Focus Item – ruler
+1 power (spirit) evocation
+1 complexity thaumaturgy
Enchanted Item
Star trek pin
+2 armor always on
Enchanted Item
Mini Weight Scale
Increases Target Weight +4 one use/session

-3 Thaumaturgy

Force Armor (Spirit) 5
Disarm Metal (Earth)
Melt Weapon (Fire) +5
Force Wall (Spirit) +5

Total Refresh Adjustment: -6

Physical: ( )( )( )
Mental: ( )( )( )( )
Social: ( )( )( )
Force Armor +2

Skill Points Spent: 25
Base Refresh Level: 7
Adjusted Refresh Level: 1

Background: Books are a Girls Best Friend
Dropped off in front of an orphanage at 8 years old with no memory of my parents, I was seen as weird from day one. Often alone, and made fun of, it wasn’t till I stumbled onto an older kids physics book that I truly found a home

Rising Conflict: Seeing is Believing
Its one thing to just READ about physics, but I wanted to see it in action! It seems the head mistress does not take kindly when one drops a bowling ball and a feather from the top of the building to see air resistance and gravity, only for the bowling ball to say hi to her car…..really really fast……

The Story: Explosive Personality
Just getting ready to graduate college. Yeah I know, 16 and already gonna get my degree. Just a half a life ago like carbon i was crushing my head mistress’s car when i tested gravity and here now im off, with no idea where to go next. So there i was putting the finishing touches on the experiment for my thesis when these two creepy guys come in. They start talking like Im not even there about “the council” and looking to see if we are alone. I began to panic, and when I panic I think in scientific formulae. Then suddenly they sprouted claws and all I could think of was exothermic reations, and I glanced over at the bunson burner, and suddenly a huge gout of flame engulfed them. The screams were loud enough the windows nearly shattered. Then these guys in robes showed up and finished them off. It was then I learned what the white council was….

Guest Star: Bookworm on the Battlefield
So turns out I picked the absolute worse time to get picked up by the white council. With supernatural craziness across the globe, there was a shortage on teachers, and well wizards plain and simple. So all of my education for the past two years have been from my books. I had barely gotten through my self inflicted curriculae when word came from on high I was to go back to New York and get the low down. I was supposed to meet up with my local contact Zach at a club, but by the time I got there everyone was screaming about monster dogs and demon guys. I couldn’t even get through the door as I was doing all I could to survive getting trampled by the mob fleeing. Guess I will have to meet up with Zach later, god I need some aspirin…..

Sally Doe

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