DFRPG: Apocalyptic NYC

Session 3 Recap

Here’s a recap of last Sunday’s game:

  • Our wizard still seems to be incommunicado :)
  • Walker woke up in the hospital after running in front of a police car. His Cassandras tears gave him a vision of mysterious men coming for him. The nurses etc wouldn’t believe him and wanted him to stay in bed. The police came and talked to him and were going to call out to a Psych ward because they didn’t believe his ramblings about the men coming for him. Walker successfully flew out the window however (not something the police were expecting, nor the GM). He went back to his place and met up with comfort.
  • Scott found himself and the other ‘conspirator’ locked up downtown. The conspirator was released within hours; and Scott is believed to be the person who instigated the bombing incident.

Comfort and Walker go to the Horror House owner and tell him about Scott. He reaches out to contacts to spring SCott, because he (Vincent) needs Scott as the main man at his HAlloween PArty that night (hosting for the REd Court and friends)

A high powered defense attorney comes to Scott’s aide suggesting he is a close friend of the Mayor and quickly posted bail and released Scott. Scott was taken to the Waldorf where he had a suite all to himself with private masseuse. He picked up a ‘piece’ delivered by Janus through Door-Gateways. The attorney was quick to remind Scott that he was merely posting bail. Without a new scapegoat or the real guilty party found and brought in within 7 days, Scott will likely go down for the terrorist bombing. The attorney is merely buying Scott time.

Comfort and Walker go to the party dressed as a horse hamming it up at the party the entire time. Scott goes as a cliche Dracula. There’s lots of migling and people meeting, I’ll try to summarize the key points below:

  1. The police commissioner believe SCott is guilty and also seems to have close ties with the Summer Court
  2. Lily (Summer Lady) is sympathetic to Scott and offers him further exchanges of services in the future
  3. Walker and Comfort find themselves in a brief confrontation with a red court in the ladies bathroom; however, Comfort is just way too quick for this red court and the red court is rather stunned by that
  4. Scott and Alton speak and Alton confirms that he is behind securing Scott’s release and that Scott better deliver
  5. Mavra and the Mayor seem to be close.
  6. Mavra asks Janus to send a note to a ghoul that they need to finish the job and make sure someone else is pinned for it. Walker follows Janus through his gateways to the Landfills and overhears the conversation between Janus and the Ghoul.
  7. Mary Mallon confronts Walker about going home with her. Mary is very creepy about wanting to bring Walker home to where he belongs.
  8. Comfort finds out at some point that the REds sprung Scott and that they are essentially working for the Reds, which causes her to leave the party in a huff.

Session ended after everyone left the party as there are several possible routes for the players to go and they all likely were combat encounters.


Xerek Xerek

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