DFRPG: Apocalyptic NYC

Session 5 Recap

We physically moved to Cranberry Cafe.

The team went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to find Lily and the seat of the Summer Court. A centaur led them through the lilac patch through some trees (into the fey?) and arrived at an ornate wooden door at which point they went through and met Lily.

Lily asked them to deal with an issue where there were reports of plant monsters attacking innocents in prospect park. The team was tasked with ensuring no innocents died and to bring back proof that they stopped the problem and who caused the problem. In exchange they could ask her 3 questions.

The team ran over to prospect park and failed to find anything interesting for 12 hours, at which time (midnight) Walker finally heard some screams and saw elderly joggers running from shrubbery. Walker went to check out who was causing it and found a girl crying/mumbling to herself about how she didn’t mean for this to happen. He then went and informed the team.

At this point the team successfully (with way too many injuries than should have been sustained) thwarted and banished all but 1 of the plant monsters. 1 plant monster escaped.

Sally was the sorcerer that summoned them and has joined the party very repentant. She successfully banished one of the monsters with a massive 8 stress counterspell. Zack decided that was a bit too much power for him to push into any counterspells of his own. So continued desicating and burning monsters.

Walker and Zack quickly found a good combo by using fire attacks after Zack dried the monsters out a bit activating the monsters’ catch. Scott ran around like a little girl and helped save some elderly people. Comfort continued to go toe to toe with the monsters and eventually found a riding lawnmower to put her driving skills and high vehicular carnage to use.

A few elderly were knocked out but none were killed outright. The one monster did get away so may cause further harm in the future.

Everyone was quite beat up, most having up to moderate consequences and so piled on the lawnmower to head back to Lily’s. They drove past the Brooklyn Museum and Sally told them about the Scroll she needs to procure from within. Ms. Mallon and 2 goons approached the crew with an offer though Walker tried to attack first and ask questions later. Fortunately, since he was beat up, he wasn’t able to do much. Sally also put up a solid block to keep him from continuing to attack. Ms. Mallon attempted to use a trigger word to calm down Walker but failed and Scott recognized the attempted trigger word warning her to chill out.

Mary offered to smooth over any ruffles with the Summer Court since, if they want their 3 questions answered, they would have to turn over Sally, if Walker would come with her and submit himself to further testing.

We left off here with the group needing to decide what path to go…
1) turn in Sally, get their 3 questions and avoid Mary
2) don’t turn in Sally, lose their 3 questions and avoid Mary
3) don’t turn in Sally, keep their 3 questions and go with Mary
4) if you think of other options, please have fun

Please decide on the option you want to take before next we meet and let me know at least the Saturday before as Saturdays are when I usually brainstorm any still missing story/combat scenes. Also, if you want to ask the 3 questions, please let me know what those are before-hand.


Xerek Xerek

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