Tag: NPC


  • Mavra

    Mavra first appeared in the casefiles during the events of the Grave Peril case, working with Bianca St. Claire and Leonid Kravos to stir up trouble for both Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter. And, as an old and powerful Black Court vampire, she can …

  • Cy Vyong

    Note: I changed her to a Nyxie because after reading nyxies, they are the sirens of the Dresden verse. Everyone can still call her a siren, but physiaclly writing nixie will help me know where to look for base stat block.

  • Larry Martin

    Larry recently lost members of his family and is finding ways to deal with these deaths.

  • Tillinghast Houston

    Tilly formed a bond with the Genius Loci of the stadium. He is an old geezer who spent most of his life worshipping the Yankees and all that came with that. The power of that worship created a Genius Loci at the location and Tilly unknowingly found his …

  • (Typhoid) Mary Mallon

    Marry Mallon is also known by another name Typhoid Mary. Her intent is to take care of people. The ends justify the means and she only accepts willing participants. Though there are subway ads aplenty.


    Janus is the bellhop at the Walldorf Astoria. He is able to create a passage to almost anywhere. His mastery of the Ways in the Nevernever is nigh absolute. Thoughts? (read a wiki article that states he "presides over all beginnings and transitions …